Solid Growth for Property Markets!

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Solid Growth for some Property Markets!

Well experts from around the country continue to identify South East Queensland as a great opportunity for property investors. There’s no doubt some regional markets will also perform well as people seek affordability and higher yields. In the coming months there will be a lot of so called ‘Hotspotting’ of property markets with amazing potential, and as a result in coming years a lot of people looking for these miracles will have a bad experience. However Population Growth, Infrastructure and Construction Projects and increasing Job Opportunities will continue to underline SEQ’s appeal to people seeking an excellent property opportunity.

Throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast we are seeing low vacancy rates (under 2% combined), increasing rental demand and yields are now increasing in some locations also. Historically low interest rates make this one of the best and most unique times to invest in SEQ with extreme confidence. Whilst lending conditions remain tight, our quality properties in growth locations and premium estates continue to be well supported by valuers and financiers.

For more information on our fully researched properties, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.

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