Banks forecast more rate cuts!

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Xmas is early as banks forecast more interest rate cuts!

The SEQ Property Market can only get Stronger! If we have a close look at what’s going on in the property market in South East Queensland, we believe lower interest rates complimented by the following factors will lead to a surge in demand and property prices throughout SEQ:
 Increasing Demand
 Low Supply
 Affordability
 Low Vacancy Rates
 Increasing Rental Yields
 Strong Job Opportunities
 Record Infrastructure and Major Development Spending

New homes in quality estates and highly sought after locations will provide people with excellent opportunities for growth and strong yields. There is no doubt that in the future, standalone homes close to town centres and locations that offer lifestyle choices will be highly sought after and demand a premium prices to both home owners and investors. An increasing number of cashed up retirees will demand these lifestyle and amenity rich locations and be willing to pay for it.

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