Qld News – Regional Rents are Soaring!

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Qld News – Regional Rents are Soaring!

Well it seems the while the rest of the country tries to stay positive about their local markets, Queenslanders are now enjoying the long overdue sunshine! Let’s have a look at the recent good news.

  1. The LNP didn’t lose to Labour and country breathes again.
  2. Interest rates are falling to record lows to encourage lending.
  3. The banks and government are working together to ease lending conditions and further assist FHB.
  4. SEQ continues to provide Affordable properties, Population growth and increasing Job opportunities.
  5. Vacancy Rates and Rental returns are now increasing in many locations throughout Qld.

While we will continue to focus on South East Queensland in the near future, as the year goes on we will be adding more regional locations to our stocklist when we believe the time is most beneficial for buyers. Understanding how the things above affect the property market along with local trends, allows us to confidently build properties in key locations that will give buyers an excellent experience.

Investgo Property Group proudly supplies Quality Properties in Growth Locations.

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