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Qld affordability and low interest rates will continue to fuel the market throughout South East Queensland.  First home buyers are increasingly active due with uncertainty around when the grant will end. The amount is expected to be reduced from $20,000 to $15,000 on June 30. Market conditions continue to tighten throughout Brisbane despite the negative headlines. Investors will continue to be attracted to Brisbane due to massive investment in Infrastructure and major projects along with strong population growth and attractive yields compared to southern capitals.


Examining the oversupply market highlights that many commentators, should seek other careers.

  1. Research identifies only two locations in Brisbane that would suggest an oversupply is possible in the future.
  2. Bank lending criteria is already tightening, development funding will continue to become more expensive and harder to secure.
  3. Approvals do not equal pre-sales and funding.
  4. Population, Infrastructure and Employment determine the strength of a market, not commentary.

Read the QLD Excerpt From The 2017 February Market Report.

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